<![CDATA[Island Bay School]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/blogRSS for NodeFri, 19 Aug 2022 23:34:22 GMT<![CDATA[Futsal Tournament]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/futsal-tournament62ff1993167285e6a7de1119Fri, 19 Aug 2022 05:03:48 GMTIsland Bay SchoolSee the futsal teams here. We need parent managers - please contact Alice (alice@islandbay.school.nz) if you can help.

<![CDATA[The School Fair is BACK!]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/the-school-fair-is-back62fd9fb98fb7823c15c7ed2cThu, 18 Aug 2022 02:12:23 GMTIsland Bay SchoolAfter two years the Island Bay School fair is making a come back on 12 November and we need YOUR help!

Our school fair has a long-held reputation as one of Island Bay’s best events and we would love everyone to be part of this year’s fun. This year we will be adding to the traditional mix of excitement with additional new stalls.

To make it happen we need coordinators for games, cakes, clothing, plant sale and kids’ marketplace as well as lots of volunteers to help on the day and with donations of items. Money raised from this year’s fair will be used to fund a play garden outside the school art room.

Volunteer your time and skills

Do you want to help with the fair but can’t commit to coordinating a stall? Maybe you can help on the day or in the lead up to the fair. Sign up here.

Make a cash donation

As always, cash donations are always gratefully received. If you would like to support the fair by paying for the rental costs of new stalls or for the new play garden directly please email Home and School (homeandschool@islandbay.school.nz).

<![CDATA[Annual Wellington and Kapi Mana Primary and Intermediate Tennis Tournament]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/annual-wellington-and-kapi-mana-primary-and-intermediate-tennis-tournament-162f59031cd04d98b31021234Thu, 11 Aug 2022 23:28:55 GMTIsland Bay SchoolThis is an optional tournament.

The girls tournament is on Tuesday 20 September (back up date Friday 23 September), starting at 8.30am.

The boys tournament is on Wednesday 21 September (back up date Thursday 22 September), starting at 8.30am.

Both tournaments are being held at the Renouf Tennis Centre, 60 Brooklyn Road, Brooklyn.

The draw will be posted at the venue on the morning of the tournament.

Players entered must have played tennis before and have knowledge of the rules of tennis and how to score. Players must also bring their own tennis racquet for the event and wear our school tshirt.

Finalists and semi finalists of each grade will qualify for the Tennis Central Regional Finals to be held in Palmerston North on 16 November.

The school won't be sending any staff to these tournaments. This means you will need to transport your child to and from the venue (or you could share transport with others) and also help supervise the IBS players during the day - we probably only need one adult there at a time. Please do not enter your child in the tournament if you are unable to help. I will send a list of those attending once I have the confirmed list so you can organise to share transport if you'd like.

If you would like me to register your child, please let me know by Friday 2 September at 3pm (,alice@islandbay.school.nz).

The $20 entry fee to your Kindo account. Payment will be required by Tuesday 6 September at 3pm. If we don't receive payment in time, then I won't be able to enter your child.

Many thanks


<![CDATA[A week of great activities!]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/a-week-of-great-activities62f58d28b644391de6cd05fbThu, 11 Aug 2022 23:24:02 GMTIsland Bay SchoolThis week has been full of many varied activities!

Senior Philosophy for Children (P4C) meeting and delving into deep discussions about reality. So much rich conversation and young minds being challenged. Senior P4C meets every Friday afternoon with Michael and Lizzie.

Junior Choir had a wonderful time playing instruments along to Dave Dobbyn and started learning Do Re Mi, from the Sound of Music. They loved this new song and sang with great enthusiasm!

A big thank you to Rachel Fyfe for leading Junior Choir.

'Why Humans Explore'

Korimako kids constructing waka hourua as part of their inquiry into 'Why Humans Explore'. Their waka have been based on the Hokule'a and planned following workshops on the science concepts of buoyancy, gravity and forces. We can't wait to see which ones float and move with wind.

Paul's expertise and his tools will help us construct a larger scale model in weeks to come. Thanks Paul!

Pause, Breathe, Smile

Kakahi practicing Straight Back, Soft Belly as part of the Pause, Breathe, Smile mindfulness programme. This programme helps ensure that our tamariki are equipped with skills like learning how to regulate emotions, build self-awareness and relate positively to others. It is an NZ developed, mindfulness-based wellbeing programme that is part of the NZ Curriculum. See their website ,here.

Pirate Day in Ahoaho

In Ahoaho we had a pirate day on Wednesday. Lots of treasure maps, treasure hunts and fun! We have been learning about floating and sinking and have conducted experiments. Today we some big buddies come and help us make boats that we tested to see how many cubes we could fit inside before they sunk!

Pedal Ready

Swimming Sports!

<![CDATA[School Photos - info & timetable]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/school-photos-info-timetable62f58c2f9918f62cd6197988Thu, 11 Aug 2022 23:12:59 GMTIsland Bay School

If you would like sibling photos with children who aren't at IBS, please just turn up at 8.30am on Wednesday . Sibling photos where all the children attend IBS will be taken automatically.

<![CDATA[School Board Nominations]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/school-board-nominations62eca38a477f596fb5e48381Fri, 05 Aug 2022 07:15:18 GMTIsland Bay SchoolWe have four nominations for the school board election:

  • Devon Heaphy
  • Crissie Jamieson
  • Ben Peacey
  • Emily Watt

Voting papers will be sent out over the weekend. These can either be dropped off at the box at the school or my house 2/100 Severn St, Island Bay. Voting closes at 4pm, 7 September.

Devon Heaphy

Kia ora koutou, my name is Devon Heaphy and I’m currently a parent representative on the board. I have also been chair for the last year and a half.

I am married to Mel, and we have had three children go through Island Bay School – one is now at secondary school, one is at SWIS, and Scarlet is in Harakeke (Y4).

I am standing again because I feel a sense of more to do. This school is making great progress in student wellbeing, integration of Te Tiriti principles, and continues to innovate in the way it puts learners at the centre and wraps support around them.

The three year strategy we are about to create is an exciting time to be involved in the school’s governance and will give us great direction for how we refine what we do.

I would love the opportunity to continue on the board to ensure the educational experiences we offer the children of our community set them well on their way to success in the future.

I have a background in governance, finance, administration, and technology.

On a personal level, I am family-oriented, enjoy being part of the Island Bay community, dabble in lighting design for plays and musicals, actively play football, and have a strong interest in lots of sports.

Cristin Jamieson (Crissie)

Kia ora koutou

I am a current board member and I would love the opportunity to continue for a further term.

I think the leadership team and staff do a fantastic job and the school already excels in so many ways. The board is working on a new three year strategy and I would love to help get that right.

I think it’s healthy to have a good check in with the community to ensure the school is on the right track and that every family’s voice is heard. As parents we know that children can all be so different. I certainly notice that with my three kids, and I believe that when it comes to teaching, there is no one size to fit all.

So I see the new strategy as an opportunity to test what is working well and what can be improved.

Our kids’ primary school years are so important and I love the way our school seeks to foster

“curious learners”. I truly believe that where the teachers are supported to do what they do

best – then our kids in turn will flourish.

I grew up in Eastbourne but after uni I spent years in London and in the US (where my

husband Trent is from). I love being back in Wellington and especially the South Coast. I

have three girls - Gigi, Francesca and Babette. We were part of the local playcentre and now

all three are at Island Bay school. I’m a big believer in community, helping each other out

where we can, and doing what’s right by the environment. I help with the school Art Auction

and the Island Bay festival and am blown away by the creativity in our cool little suburb. I

love the outdoors, tramping and sea swimming. Somehow, our girls have developed a

passion for dancing. But we drag them tramping with us to ensure they balance their time on

stage with fresh air and mud.

Professionally, I’m a lawyer. I recently completed a thesis in Environmental Law on solving

plastic pollution. I mentor trade law students on a plastics trade project and I recently started

work at the Law Society on law reform.

Ben Peacey

Tēnā koutou katou, my name is Ben Peacey. Jeni and I have lived in Island Bay for 12 years and are privileged enough to have our son Jack attend Island Bay School (Jack is in Rimurimu this year).

Right from our first school visit, I have been impressed with Island Bay School’s value, culture, learning direction, and the enthusiasm and dedication the teachers have to help all tamariki reach their potential and enjoy their learning journey.

For work I am a director of transport consultancy and have worked in transport for over 15 years.

I lead policy, strategy, and infrastructure-based projects and help clients plan and design transport systems and infrastructure that improve safety and access to work, education, and communities – now and in the future. Much of what I do is help bring a wide variety of views and expectations together to get the best outcomes and help decision makers understand the priorities and make informed funding decisions.

Outside of work, I enjoy mountain biking around Wellington, socialising with family and friends, and a good BBQ when the weather plays ball. Cooking and reading are my happy places and I enjoy trying to perfect a recipe or two. I’m a keen sideline supporter of Jack’s sporting endeavours and we have joint interest in technic lego!

If I am fortunate enough to be elected, I would bring my experience in strategy and planning to work with the Board team and school leaders to continue to make sure all tamariki at Island Bay School have opportunity to achieve their potential. Hei konā mai.

Emily Watt

Kia ora, ko Emily tōku ingoa.

We had the good fortune to move to Tapu Te Ranga about six years ago and love it love it love it, and feel as lucky again to have our kids Xander, 7, and Isola, 5, attending Island Bay school.

I have a professional background in strategy development, communications, change and crisis management, community engagement, and values development. I have governance experience (including having been a moderately adequate treasurer), have some experience in policy development, and am well-versed in monitoring and evaluating outcomes.

I’m good at building relationships, asking good questions, collaborative problem solving, and listening. I bring a commitment to hearing different perspectives.

I’m offering my service to the Board and school community because I really rate this school and its staff, the kids and parents we’ve met here, and a lot of the cool stuff that’s ahead. I’d love to help shape that, and contribute where I can. We also have a two year-old, so I have a deep interest in the school’s successful future!

I think some of my professional and personal skills would be helpful in the Board environment, and if you think so too, I’d be happy to be of service.

<![CDATA["Have your say" - planning the school's direction for the next 3 years]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/have-your-say-planning-the-school-s-direction-for-the-next-3-years62e737a022aa1a881d08ab7aMon, 01 Aug 2022 02:19:37 GMTIsland Bay SchoolWe have an exciting opportunity coming up over the next few weeks. Our school is beginning to review our direction for the next three years.

Getting our unique school community input is really important to us, and will shape what Island Bay School can offer.

"What is important to you for your child's experience of school?"

"Education" is very broad - learning to read and write are the basics, but it is also so much more. We need to offer your children the opportunity to practice all the skills they need in the world that they are growing up in.

What do you want to see on offer for your child?

Opportunities like art, music, sport easily come to mind, but what else - maybe you've got an out-of-the-box idea?

Participate in either or both of these sessions to look at and discuss what the school should aim for over the next three years:

We'd love as many of you as possible to come along and share your views and ideas. This is your opportunity to help shape the education you want for your children.

<![CDATA[Kelly Sports Island Bay]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/kelly-sports-island-bay62e35edb1d9cd82f73629a07Fri, 29 Jul 2022 04:15:28 GMTIsland Bay SchoolTerm 3 Warm Up Winter Sports Programme – Tuesday’s 3.05pm-4.05pm. Our Kelly Sports after-school multi-sports programmes is back and running in Term 3! Get your kids active and learning great new skills in a fun, exciting and enjoyable environment with Kelly Sports! Encouraging a lifelong love of sports, our popular multi-sports programmes teach kids foundational skills and build confidence all by having fun!. This term we are focusing on the following sports: Hockey, Basketball, Football and Tag Games (2 weeks of each). Starts Tuesday 2 August for 8 weeks.

Go to www.kellysports.co.nz, and in the school box put "Island Bay".

<![CDATA[Wonderplay Drama for kids]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/wonderplay-drama-for-kids62e35e9aad2bfee810853a74Fri, 29 Jul 2022 04:14:22 GMTIsland Bay SchoolDRAMA: Wonderplay has places available for kids drama in Island Bay on Thursdays. Join us now for our production of Peter Pan! Thursdays at Island Bay Community Centre: 3.45-4.30pm: New Wonders (Intro to drama, 5yrs+), 4.30-5.30pm: Star Players (8yrs+), 5.30-6.30pm: Advanced Drama (experienced 10yrs+). Also ask about our award-winning Wellington Young Actors class for teens (Wednesdays, CBD). First lesson is free to try. Please contact Debs debs@wonderplay.co.nz021-172-2836, www.wonderplay.co.nz

<![CDATA[Sunrise Yoga in Island Bay]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/sunrise-yoga-in-island-bay62e35e61b19dc79a86d0cf63Fri, 29 Jul 2022 04:13:25 GMTIsland Bay School
<![CDATA[Ballroom in the Bay]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/ballroom-in-the-bay62e35defad2bfee8108539ebFri, 29 Jul 2022 04:11:40 GMTIsland Bay SchoolBallroom in the Bay is back for Term 3. Come down to the Island Bay Presbyterian Church on Monday nights from 7.00 - 8.00pm for social Ballroom and Latin American dancing. No experience is necessary. Please contact Keri Porter on keriandphillip@hotmail.com for further details.

<![CDATA[Y4-6 Swimming Sports 2022]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/y4-6-swimming-sports-202262e07c4cfb072a4ea63f053dTue, 26 Jul 2022 23:45:47 GMTIsland Bay SchoolOn Tuesday 9 August (Week 3), from 10am-1.30pm, we will be holding our annual swimming sports at the Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre. It's an opportunity for children to compete in a safe, fun environment, and build their confidence in the water alongside their peers.

All children are to participate in at least one event. Please talk to your child about what they would like to enter. We will also have flutter-board races for children who are wanting to give it a go but are not confident enough for the 2m pool. The flutter-board races will be in the 1.2m pool and there will be a teacher in the pool.

Please see the draw for all events here

Please fill out this ,form to choose the events that your child/ren are participating in. Please fill out a form for every child you have in Y4-6.

We will have the spray pool for fun after the event.

Note: Southern Zone Swimming Sports are on Tuesday 16 August. Children who place in the top 2 in an event will compete (top 4 for 25m freestyle to make the relay team). Please note that in recent years at Southern Zone level there has been a competitive and a non competitive section. This year there is just one section- competitive and non-competitive will be swimming together.

Many thanks,



<![CDATA[School Board Elections, Parent Election Notice]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/school-board-elections-parent-election-notice62d613cbeaded078682777ddTue, 19 Jul 2022 02:18:10 GMTIsland Bay SchoolNominations are open for the election of three parent representatives to the school board.

All eligible voters will receive a nomination form. Use this form to nominate yourself or someone in your community. You will also receive a nomination cover letter calling for nominations.

Information on who is not eligible to be a board member is provided with the nomination form.

If you need more nomination forms, contact the school office.

Please email me if you did not receive your nomination form at kylieycox@gmail.com.

Nominations close at noon on 3rd August 2022. You may provide a signed candidate statement and photograph with your nomination.

The electoral roll is held at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours.

As nominations are received, there will be a list of candidates’ names kept at the school up until election day, which you can view.

Voting closes at 4pm on 07 September 2022.


Kylie Cox

Returning Officer

<![CDATA[Island Bay Kelly Club Holiday Programme]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/island-bay-kelly-club-holiday-programme62c7912882d86572798126cbFri, 08 Jul 2022 02:06:36 GMTIsland Bay SchoolIsland Bay Kelly Club is offering a great school holiday programme these holidays - see the details here.

Check out their Activity planner for more information and secure your place now by visiting https://kellyclub.co.nz/kelly_events/view/14308.

You can also contact them for more information at islandbay@kellyclub.co.nz or call 022 198 6316.

<![CDATA[Island Bay Kelly Club School Holiday Programme]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/island-bay-kelly-club-school-holiday-programme62c4b41e771e1c3b784b90c7Tue, 05 Jul 2022 22:01:15 GMTIsland Bay SchoolOur upcoming holiday programme for the July holidays, starts next week!! 

We’re so excited, as we have so much planned these holidays, so come and join our Kelly Club Team for the best holidays yet!!

We have some awesome trip days planned, we’ll be off to the movies to see the new ‘Lightyear’ movie, our favourite trip day Laserforce as well as going to Bowlarama for the first time!! Best of all we have Zappo coming for a magical workshop.

We also have some great themed days planned too!! We'll have a 'Manic Monday', 'Around the World', 'KC Racers', 'Bricktastic 'and more...

Kelly Club Holiday Programmes focus on giving children aged between 5 and 13 the

opportunity to do things they enjoy in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.

Check out our Activity planner for more information and secure your place now by visiting:


You can also contact us for more information by emailing us at islandbay@kellyclub.co.nz or

give us a call at 022 198 6316

<![CDATA[IBU Football Holiday Programme]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/ibu-football-holiday-programme62bbaf164ca5d22a1f5f5a0aWed, 29 Jun 2022 01:47:07 GMTIsland Bay School]]><![CDATA[Pedal Ready for Y5&6 - Term 3]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/pedal-ready-for-y5-6-term-362bba4b81bdf67726f1825c2Wed, 29 Jun 2022 01:04:02 GMTIsland Bay SchoolThe Pedal Ready training programme aims to deliver best practice cycle skills training to help achieve the vision of a New Zealand where everyone has the opportunity to become a confident and capable cyclist.

The training promotes health and wellbeing, while also teaching trainees to cycle safely on the road, boosting their confidence enough for them to ride to and from school, or to sports games and friends’ houses.

Fill in the permission form here - it includes all the session times and dates, so check your child's group and make sure they have their gear ready to go.


Two grades of training can be undertaken and trainees are assessed following the completion of each grade.

Year 5's will be undertaking Grade 1 and Year 6's will be undertaking Grade 2 (unless they missed Grade 1 training at Island Bay School last year - please let us know below if this is the case). Students who are unable to confidently ride a bike will be a part of the Learn to Ride programme.

Grade 1 is taught in a non-traffic environment to enable skills development. The trainee cyclist will learn to demonstrate full control of their bicycle in non-traffic environments while carrying out all-round observation, signaling and maneuvering.

Grade 2 builds on the skills of Grade 1 and is taught on quiet, single-lane roads. All trainees’ skills will be assessed prior to training on the road and full risk management procedures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of all trainees. The trainee cyclist will learn to demonstrate cycle skills in a variety of traffic and non-traffic environments. They will be able to choose options to deal with minor hazards and demonstrate this in practice. They will show good understanding of traffic awareness and road positioning in these traffic environments.


  • A bicycle in good working order (It is a good idea to undertake a simple bike check prior to the training to identify any major faults.)
  • A standards-approved helmet.
  • Suitable clothing for the weather conditions, as the session is run outdoors.
  • To be able to ride a bike (please let us know below if your child is a complete beginner).


  • Check helmet for damage, safety sticker, correct size (legally required)
  • Red rear-facing reflector (legally required)
  • Front and rear brakes respond quickly with firm contact (legally required)
  • Frame correct size for trainee and has no rust or cracks
  • Seat is secure and the correct height
  • Handlebars and headset are tight and secure and grips cover ends of handlebars.
  • Wheel fasteners tight, wheels spin freely
  • Tyres are correct pressure, no cracks or slits
  • Pedals spin freely, not loose
  • Chain is lightly oiled and in good condition

During and after the programme, it is a good idea to encourage your child to practice and develop the skills taught.

There are bikes available to use if you don't have one, but try to borrow one if you can.

<![CDATA[BigAir Gym - Term 3]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/bigair-gym-term-362b3f297b9484e937137534eThu, 23 Jun 2022 04:56:58 GMTIsland Bay SchoolIf your child loves doing cartwheels, handstands, trampolining, flips, or parkour moves, then they will thrive at Bigair Gym!

Bigair Gym classes are excellent for fun, focus and fitness! Children learn new skills and develop personal confidence and self-achievement! Strong focus is given to safety and technique, ranging from fundamentals to advanced skills. The structured classes follow a Bigair Badge Programme, which creates focused learning, and allows children to achieve and feel personal progression!

Bigair classes include GYMNASTICS, TRAMPOLINING, TUMBLING, FREE RUNNING (that’s parkour with flips) & CHEERLEADING! Inquire about Bigair BIRTHDAY PARTIES too!

GET IN QUICK FOR TERM 3 GYM CLASSES & BIGAIRS POPULAR HOLIDAY PROGRAMME! Bookings open Mon 27th June. Booking in is easy online at www.bigairgym.co.nz or contact your local Bigair Gym office today.

<![CDATA[Pacific voices on Wellington waterfront: 30 June – 4 July | 6pm daily]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/pacific-voices-on-wellington-waterfront-30-june-4-july-6pm-daily62b3f1408abfe48e36f370faThu, 23 Jun 2022 04:54:36 GMTIsland Bay School

MANA MOANA water screen for Matariki: Themes of ocean, migration and diaspora are projected onto a screen of water on Whairepo Lagoon. (45 minute loop).

Created by Jess & Rob, parents from our very own school community, the 10 pieces come from the Mana Moana – Pacific Voices campaign launched for the UN climate conference COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021.

They will feature, along with some new work, in the Mana Moana water screen running at Whairepo Lagoon from 6pm daily, 30 June to 4 July (show runs on a loop, for about 45 minutes).

The short films from the ,Mana Moana Collective are a collaboration between Māori and Pacifica visual artists, musicians, writers and choreographers. They bring the people and issues of Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa right on to our capital’s waterfront.

Congrats to Jess & Rob and their crew at Storybox on an awesome piece of mahi!

Find out more about Wellington’s Matariki celebrations here

<![CDATA[Village in the Park Retirement Home are hiring]]>https://www.islandbay.school.nz/post/village-in-the-park-retirement-home-are-hiring62b3f073c6499d2acfe2ef85Thu, 23 Jun 2022 04:48:18 GMTIsland Bay SchoolWe have jobs and we are hiring, we are across the road from SWIS.

Village at the Park is an aged care community. We welcome you to be part of our special community

to provide the best care for those who need our help.

We support our staff with dignity, respect and celebrate our different cultures.

We open our arms to welcome you

Please come and see us on open days Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th and

Wednesday 6th July between 8-9:30am and 2;30-3;30pm,

at 130 Rintoul Street.

If you can’t make it call us on 04 380 1361.

We will be here with refreshments and talk to you about the jobs you may be interested in.

We can show you around.

Full training is provided.

We require people to be team members for

 Wellness partners (caregivers)

 Kitchen assistants

 Housekeeper assistants

 Registered Nurses- casual, part time or full time.

We look forward to talking with you

The Team at Village at the Park