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School Office hours & contact

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 3.15pm


Teachers may be contacted by email Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Our address is 6 Thames St, Island Bay, Wellington 6023


+64 4 939 3010

Absences please contact the above

or access the School App 


Our School Day


Children may be dropped off at the school library from 8am, where they will be supervised until 8.30am. See more below.


Children are welcome in their hubs and the playground from 8.30am. Children who arrive after 9am are required to check in at the office before going to their learning space.


  • 8.55am – 11am Morning sessions (during this time, all children have a brain break, which includes having a healthy snack)

  • 11am – 11.30am Morning tea*

  • 11.30am – 1pm Middle sessions

  • 1pm – 1.50pm Lunch*

  • 1.50pm – 3pm Afternoon session


Teachers are rostered to supervise children in the playground during school hours, including break times and lunchtime.


Children who return to play in the playgrounds afterschool are unsupervised.

* during morning tea & lunch, children play first, then are supervised eating for the last 10-15minutes of the break.


School Organisation

Island Bay School is organised into two teams: 

  • Kōwhai - the junior school

  • Pōhutukawa - the senior school


These teams are made up of different learning environments that cater for the needs of diverse learners.  


Within these teams are hubs and classes. 


'Hub' refers to a collaborative learning environment. Team hubs and classes are located together and are led by a Learning Leader. 


Kōwhai Team


New Entrance - Year 1-2

  • Pātangatanga - Nathan (Kōwhai Co-learning Leader), Alishah, and Thena

  • Manaia - Maria and Gina, Shanon (from Term 2)

  • Pātangaroa - Caitlin (from Term 3)

Year 2-3

  • Kākahi - Amy B

  • Ahoaho - Deanne (Kōwhai Co-learning Leader) and Rachel


Pōhutukawa Team


Years 3-4

  • Rimurimu - Mel (Pōhutukawa Co-learning Leader), Alex and Ashleigh

Years 4-6

  • Korimako - Sally, Tim and Abbie

  • Tūī - Lizzie (Pōhutukawa Co-learning Leader) and Karli

School structure 2021.png

School Map

School map 2021.png



Please let the office know as soon as possible if your child is away. They also need to know on following days if your child is still away. Absences of longer than three weeks need to be discussed with the Principal.

Before school supervision in the School Library


We provide a before school care option from 8-8.30am, free of charge, in our school library each day. It is important that this service is only used by families who need it. If you wish your child/ren to be a part of this, please fill in this form and let us know which days you require care.


Click here for Form

School communications


Generally, the School Newsletter covers what you need to know that is coming up and the School App will give you a reminder the night before of events.

Island Bay School App 


The School App allows us to target the information we send out as much as possible.


The App is the quickest and most reliable way to report student absences, access the school calendar and staff contact details, and link to newsletters and the school website.


School App alert reminders are sent out the night before for things like bake sales, junior school swimming, class trips etc, and in emergencies. If you haven't got it already, use this link to install it.


You will need to update your School App notifications with your child's new class/hub and also their year group at the start of each school year.


School email


In addition to the App, to ensure that you receive all relevant communication from school, please add: to your contacts list and check your email settings to ensure that emails are not filtered or blocked by your email provider.


School newsletter


Newsletters are sent out weekly usually on a Friday via both the App and email. They contain information for upcoming events and general reminders, and also collate the week's information so that you have the weekend to put dates in your diaries etc for the coming week.


In between newsletters, email updates are sent out as required .

Notices, News & Reminders


All our notices, news and reminders can now be found on our school website under the 'Notices, News & Reminders' tab on the top menu bar.


These items are added and updated in real time.

Below is the communications cheat sheet of where to find out what you want to know

We realise there are multiple channels, but in the interests of making sure all our parents and whanau are informed in the most accessible way for them, we've streamlined the info as much as possible so you can find what you need, when you need it.


Feel free to print the pdf here and put it on your fridge!


School Donation


School donations are voluntary (tax deductible) and help fund the curriculum, classroom resources including playground and sports equipment and library facilities.

Donation: $350/child (per year)
This can be paid in termly installments of $87.50/child.

There is a maximum donation amount of $1000 per family.

Hero (Hero by Linc-Ed)


Hero is a tool used by teachers to enter and track assessment information for your child.  You will be directed to Hero to view your child's report. Parent accounts are automatically generated from email addresses and siblings are connected by default. Therefore parents can log in once and see all the learning stories for all their children.



Children in Years 1-3 will bring home reading books every night. Children in Year 4+ are expected to do their own reading each night.

Children's property & lost property


Please ensure that your child’s property is clearly marked with their full name. A lost property box is maintained in the Road Patrol room behind the bell tower and items are displayed at regular intervals. At the end of each term unclaimed lost property is donated to charity. Smaller valuables, for example, glasses are held at the office. 


Children must not bring dangerous items to school e.g., matches, knives, razor blades, firecrackers, etc.


Valuables, especially toys or money, are not permitted. The school cannot be responsible for loss or damage to any property brought to school.

School payments & permission - KINDO


You can pay for all school activities online using Kindo. Once registered, you will be able to pay for donations, trips, stationery, sunhats etc. Kindo also acts as an online permission form, so you may be asked to sign your child up on Kindo for an activity that doesn't have a cost attached.  

Register for Kindo here


School reports

​Your child's mid-year and end of year reports (or summary of progress) is made up of information exported from HERO (by Linc-Ed). This includes a social comment, curriculum progressions and goals for learning, and specific learning snapshots of your child's work taken from Seesaw. See more information on Reporting here



​Seesaw is a narrative form of assessment that empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school.  Students can share snapshots of their learning using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. You can also import directly from most popular apps, like Google apps. 



All stationery requirements can be found at Stationery packs can be purchased from the office on your child's first day, and additional stationery items can also per purchased during the year as required.

Sushi orders


Term dates - 2021


Term 1

Tuesday 9 February to Friday 16 April


Meet your child's teacher allotted slots - Friday 5 Feb

Waitangi Day observed: Mon 8 Feb, no school
Teacher Only Days: 3 - 4 Feb, 1 April

Good Friday to Easter Tuesday: 2 - 6 April, no school
Term 1 Holidays: 17 April - 2 May inclusive

Term 2

Monday 3 May to Friday 9 July

Queens Birthday: Mon 7 June, no school

Term 2 Holidays: 10 - 25 July

Term 3

Monday 26 July to Friday 1 October

Term 3 Holidays: 2 - 17 October

Term 4

Monday 18 October to Friday 17 December

Labour Day: Mon 25 Oct, no school

Teacher Only Day: Tuesday 26 Oct, no school