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What's on, where and when!

Saturday 6 November

Food stalls - Victory Park 

Games - Top Block & Bottom Block

Kids crafts - Top Block

Sweets and Cakes - Rimu Hub

Sunday 7 November

Clothing - the Hall

Jewellry - K7&8

Toys - Rimu Hub

Books - Top Block

Plants - outside the Art Room

Both days

Silent Auction - the Hall

Coffee in the Learning Hub

Eftpos at the Office

Maps to come!

Silent Auction

The silent auction is back for the school fair!


What exactly is a silent auction, anyway?

It’s like a normal auction in that generous and good looking people (not just mimes) bid on things and the winner is the one who’s willing to pay the most. The difference is that bidders write what they are willing to pay (and their name and contact details) “silently” on a sheet of paper—hence the name silent auction. You'll have from 11am on the 6th until 1:30pm on the 7th to bid, and pick up and payment will be from 1:30pm on the 7th at the school office.

And how...

As with many events in recent times, we have had to make significant changes to our usual fair format in order to comply with COVID-19 Alert Level restrictions. Big ups to our wonderful Home & School Fair team for coming up with a plan so we can go ahead! Here is how it will work...

General info

  • All customers are required to wear masks while on school property. The only exception is on Saturday 6 Nov, in the Victory Park Food Stall area. Customers may take off their masks when sitting down to eat or drink in the designated area at Victory Park. 

  • All customers must sign in using the COVID tracer app - signs are displayed around the school.

  • Hand sanitiser is available at stations around the school.

  • Payment is via cash and card - Eftpos is available at the Office.

  • Save the environment! Please BYO bags for your purchases.

  • Entry to the Fair will be via the Main Entrance and Top Block gate on Thames St.

  • The exit is via the Bottom Block gate on Clyde St.

  • Counters will be at all entrances/exits to ensure there are a max of 100 people within the main school and a max of 100 people at Victory Park at all times.


Follow us on Facebook, you'll hear more over the coming weeks, but so far we have 40+ generous donors, who have contributed everything from a tattoo from a famous artist, to a chance for you to brew 400L of beer at a commercial brewery, to a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti, where you will see giraffe, elephants, buffalo, and impala while you soar through the sky. (Two truths and a lie).

Food stalls @ Victory Park - Saturday 6 November


  • Entry only will be via Thames St gate, exit will be via Melbourne Rd gate.

  • Counters will ensure we have a max of 100 people in the VP area.

  • Customers order and pay for their food at the service table at each stall.

  • Floor markings will show you where to queue for each food stall.

  • When the order is ready, customers take their food and sit at the tables in the designated dining area.


Note: This process is consistent with how foodcourts operate at Alert Level 2, and also complies with how attendees at events can buy food and drink at Alert Level 2.