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HOURS: 8:55am - 3:00pm 
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6 Thames Street 

Island Bay, Wellington


New Zealand 


School Donation

School donations are voluntary (tax deductible) and help fund the curriculum, classroom resources including playground and sports equipment and library facilities.

2019 Donation: $350/child (per year)
This can be paid in termly instalments of $87.50/child.

There is a maximum donation amount of $1000 per family.

School Organisation

Island Bay School is organised into four teams; Koru, Rimu, Mahuri, ad Victory Park. These teams are made up of different learning environments that cater for the needs of diverse learners.  The word 'hub' refers to a collaborative learning environment. Team hubs and classes are located together and are led by a Learning Leader. In 2018 the teams are grouped as follows:


Koru Team - New entrance, Years 1–3
Rachel, Shanon, Gina, Maria, Deanne (Learning Leader)


Mahuri Team - Years 2–3
Ross, Amy B, Alex, Thena, Nathan (Learning Leader)


Rimu Team - Years 3–5
Lizzie, Karli, Jarryd (Learning Leader)


Victory Park Team - Years 4–6
Mel, Abbie, Michael, Sarah, Caitlin (Learning Leader)