A great season of Island Bay School Touch Rugby

Well done to the 11 teams who represented Island Bay School every Wednesday at Wakefield Park.

It was wonderful to see smiling, happy children running around playing touch, supported by great families, on the sideline and the field. We couldn't have done it without all the managers for the teams. Thank you for everything parents!

The results for the teams for Most Impressive player and Most Valuable Player are:

Year 1/2

The Tigers: MVP Emile, MIP Bobby

The Rabbits: MVP Martha, MIP was Silas

The Cheetahs: MVP Noah, MIP Juliette,

Year 3/4

The Pigs: MVP Alfie, MIP Zara

The Dragons: MVP Blake, MIP Isabella

The Horses: MVP Thomas, MIP Caleb

The Snakes: MVP Iluka, MIP Matthew

The Bears: MVP Milaan, MIP Lily

Year 5/6

The Oxen: MVP Mack, MIP Cooper

The Dogs: MVP Arlo, MIP Dexter

The Roosters: MVP Harry, MIP Charlotte

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