A week of great activities!

Updated: Aug 13

This week has been full of many varied activities!

Senior Philosophy for Children (P4C) meeting and delving into deep discussions about reality. So much rich conversation and young minds being challenged. Senior P4C meets every Friday afternoon with Michael and Lizzie.

Junior Choir had a wonderful time playing instruments along to Dave Dobbyn and started learning Do Re Mi, from the Sound of Music. They loved this new song and sang with great enthusiasm!

A big thank you to Rachel Fyfe for leading Junior Choir.

'Why Humans Explore'

Korimako kids constructing waka hourua as part of their inquiry into 'Why Humans Explore'. Their waka have been based on the Hokule'a and planned following workshops on the science concepts of buoyancy, gravity and forces. We can't wait to see which ones float and move with wind.

Paul's expertise and his tools will help us construct a larger scale model in weeks to come. Thanks Paul!

Pause, Breathe, Smile

Kakahi practicing Straight Back, Soft Belly as part of the Pause, Breathe, Smile mindfulness programme. This programme helps ensure that our tamariki are equipped with skills like learning how to regulate emotions, build self-awareness and relate positively to others. It is an NZ developed, mindfulness-based wellbeing programme that is part of the NZ Curriculum. See their website here.

Pirate Day in Ahoaho

In Ahoaho we had a pirate day on Wednesday. Lots of treasure maps, treasure hunts and fun! We have been learning about floating and sinking and have conducted experiments. Today we some big buddies come and help us make boats that we tested to see how many cubes we could fit inside before they sunk!

Pedal Ready

Swimming Sports!

Swimming sports results 2022
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