Board of Trustees June 2021 Update

Updated: Jul 4

The Board meeting in June had a full agenda.

We started with a discussion about the roll projections over the next few years, considering population trends and surrounding school zones with two Ministry representatives in attendance to provide a briefing ( as a result we can expect short term lower numbers and long term growth).

We reviewed and adopted our health statement (thank you to those who provided feedback) and our privacy settings.

It was also time for the mid-year review of the budget and a couple of amendments were made.

As part of our objective to allow students to attain their highest possible standard in educational achievement, we reviewed the mid-year progress across reading, writing, and maths. The data shows good progress is being made, particularly after last year's disruption.

Finally, we discussed Positive Behaviour for Learning - PB4L, which is currently being implemented across the school and is part of this year's charter (see Charter here). The working group surveyed our thoughts in much the same way as the community is being surveyed with this newsletter, so please respond if you can.

Devon Heaphy

Presiding Member

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