Board of Trustees Update - July 2020

Updated: Sep 4

Staff The Board would like to acknowledge the hard work of the teachers helping students prepare for their upcoming Student-Led Conferences. It is always great to see how proud the students are when they show their parents their work. We also acknowledge the huge amount of preparation behind the social comments and reporting that has just come out.

COVID disrupted staff professional development plans. The Board is pleased to support a new set of professional development events, particularly with Nathan Wallis and Kath Murdoch. Don’t forget that you are invited to come to the parent’s night with Nathan Wallis at our school on 31 August. Buy your tickets here.

June Board meeting

We have continued to talk about the development of the playgrounds, both near the new astroturf and replacing the top block playground. The project has been tendered and Deborah is going to present her final recommendations at our next meeting.

Because the playground manufacturer already has the required items in New Zealand, construction should be able to begin soon and be finished before the end of the year.

We also talked about a new policy we’d like to introduce to govern sustainability at the school. Board member Crissie Jamieson has been working on a draft policy, in discussion with teachers Caitlin and Diane. The policy will encompass a holistic view where we consider the natural environment in all our decision making, including our learning programme, classrooms, outdoor environment and procurement.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to discuss it with Crissie, please contact her on

Mel, Abbie and Jacqui came along to the meeting to present their progress on their Teacher Led Innovation Fund project. The focus of the project is exploring the question “What are the affordances and constraints of co-designing learning with ākonga and whānau?” They are collaborating on the project with three Palmerston North schools. Each of the schools has had a different pathway.

At Island Bay the focus has been on student voice, whānau voice, and personalised inquiries. This has included the use of talanoa – which involved having an open dialogue to seek whānau voice. Some of the project’s progress has been disrupted by COVID-19, and the idea of a talanoa with parents will be tried again soon.

Strategic Planning

We are currently looking forward to our annual review of the school’s strategic plan and putting together next year’s goals. The Board will be sending out the annual survey of parents in late August, and staff and students will also be surveyed. Following on from the survey, we will run a couple of workshops for parents, in early September.


Just a reminder that all parents are welcome to come to our Board meetings to observe. The dates and times are on the calendar in the School App or in the community – the link is here.

The meetings are generally in the Learning Hub at 7.30pm. The next one is 20 August.


Elizabeth Cox

Board Chair

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