Board of Trustees Update - Oct/Nov 2021

The Board has met twice in the last few weeks. We had a short session in late October to go over the camp information and make sure we’d considered everything we need to – it’s shaping up to be a great one so hopefully the weather plays its part. We also spent quite a bit of time looking at our strategic goals, and specifically at goal 3, which relates to community.

We approved the term dates for 2022 and are pleased that they coincide as best we can with other schools in the area. See the dates here.

Then this week we had our favourite session of the year. It was an opportunity for the Board to hear directly from the teaching staff about their year in their learning spaces, with celebrations of learning, and a SWOT analysis for each one.

It was very informative and a good way for the Board to connect strategy to classroom action (and for teachers to make clear what other resourcing they would like).

A great thing about IBS is that we ask staff to own our strategic goals from the inside, so we also had the chance to hear about what’s been happening on the ground on several fronts, including Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) and our three strategic goals.

PB4L is a multi-year journey so it was good to see how far we’ve come already and to hear the enthusiasm for the next phase. All groups did a great job and we much appreciate the input.

The second half of this week’s session was more weighty. We considered a couple of papers relating to approaches for reading and for te reo in classrooms, before working our way through the draft budget for 2022.

It’s great to put all the ideas and preferences in a pot and then sort out what’s possible. I’m pleased to say that despite some challenges with our roll size and lots of demands, we think we will be able to increase our teacher aide capacity again and fund some of the big things we need to do.

Thanks very much to all the staff who took time to prepare and present to us, and thanks very much to the Board for spending so much of their working and personal time listening, and then discussing, through a long day.

Devon Heaphy

Presiding Member

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