Celebrating the Rising of Matariki!

What a fabulous morning! Matariki is a special time of year and it was great to have the opportunity to spend time together this morning.

Mānawa maiea to putanga o matariki

Mānawa maiea to ariki o te rangi

Mānawa maiea to matahi to te tau

There are many different ways to acknowledge the Māori New Year. The rising of Matariki is observed (as we did today) in the month of Hune (around June and July).

The ceremony has three parts:

  • The viewing

  • Remembering those past

  • Feeding the stars

You and your whānau may want to do something special to celebrate Matariki:

  • Call names of people who have passed

  • Share memories of the people who are no longer here

  • Offer acknowledgement to Matariki and the environment (as we did with our tree planting)

Thank you to those of you who braved the early morning chill and came to our beach celebration. Thanks to the Home & School helpers and the teachers who served breakfast, and special thanks to Maria for organising the events, and her husband Dean, who shared with us his knowledge of Matariki at the beach.

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