COVID update - Phase 3 guidelines

Updated: Mar 15

I’d like to reassure you that we have really good systems in place to respond and keep any spread of the virus to a minimum.

You may have seen Dr Jin Russell in the media noting research from New South Wales about their recent Omicron outbreak showing that spread within the school setting is very low (less than 4% of cases at school infected someone else when at school). We have seen that in New Zealand too.

This is why we remain open at Red. It’s great for a child’s wellbeing and learning to be at school with their friends and school staff.

Your job remains the same:

Please make sure that you contact Deborah Fenton straightaway on if you or someone in your household receives a positive test.

  • Please continue to keep a really close watch of your whānau for anyone with symptoms.

  • If unwell, please stay at home and get advice about getting a COVID-19 test.

  • Follow good hygiene practices - sanitise, wash hands regularly, cough and sneeze into the elbow.

  • Scan in using the COVID QR code or via the physical register. Turn on Bluetooth tracing in the app dashboard.

  • Wear masks (including all students from Year 4 and up)

  • Maintain a physical distance

  • No non-essential visitors onsite at Red. If you need to come onsite, masks, scanning & distancing rules apply.

If you have any concerns about sending your child to school, please do get in touch. We are here to help.

Note - the number of days in isolation has changed to 7 days.

Additional info and helpful links

Self isolation advice

COVID symptoms

Extra support if you are self-isolating or have COVID

Book your Vaccine

Prepare to isolateHelp is available – COVID-19 Health Hub.

  • Drop-offs and pick-ups will continue at allocated gates - students are to arrive and be collected from the allocated gates, see the map.

  • Entry is from 8.15am and children must go directly to their learning space. Note there is currently no Before School Care in the Library.

  • Pick up is 3pm. Please observe the 2m social distancing rules recommended by the Ministry of Health when waiting at the gate.

It is important at this time that we remember to be kind and show compassion for those affected by COVID-19 and remember to check on our those in our community.

  • Be a good neighbour - check in with your neighbours, especially elderly and those that live alone. Make sure they have what they need and let them know they have people that care.

  • Support local businesses - order takeaways or buy gift cards for later use.

  • Be generous - only take what you need when it comes to groceries and supplies. Or if you can, buy extra and deliver to support agencies

  • Help people - there will be people all over our communities that will be struggling. If you know them, think of what help could look like and reach out.

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