Deb's message - 19 June

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

What a wet week! Winter has certainly arrived. Unfortunately our cross country plans were derailed by the weather this week, but fingers crossed we can go ahead on Tuesday next week.

This week has provided an opportunity for our students to showcase, learn, and promote personalised learning via personalised inquiries. Lockdown highlighted that learning can take place anytime and anywhere as we prepare kids to learn without us. Will Richardson asks the question:

“How can we shift the curriculum and pedagogy to more effectively help students form and answer their own questions, develop patience with ambiguity, appreciate and learn from failure, and develop the ability to go deeply into the subjects which they have the passion to learn. ‘ (Richardson, W.,2012:23)

Over the last few weeks, and for the remainder of the year, your children have started developing frameworks for personalised inquiries - Exploring, Extending and Empowering their passions. An inquiry is personal when the student identifies what they want or need to investigate, then with continued teacher guidance, plan a personal pathway for learning.

Your job this weekend is to ask the following questions of your children:

  • What do you love learning about?

  • What are you most curious about?

  • What do you often find yourself thinking about?

  • What do you wish to learn more about?

The answers to these questions will help students tune into their passions and will help the teachers develop their new personalised inquiries. Please feel free to email your findings to your teachers.

Finally, thank you to everyone who participated in our Family Zoom Quiz Night. A lot of fun was had by all and a special thanks to Caitlin for being a superb quiz master. Weren't our teachers cute babies! See some photos here

Have a great weekend,

Nga mihi

Deborah Fenton

Island Bay School Principal

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