Digital Learning 2022

Updated: Mar 15

With the possibility of students needing to learn from home, we will be going through digital learning expectations and set up in the first week of school.

If you have indicated that your child is bringing their own device, please ensure they bring it on the first day of school, charged and set up as per the pictures below.

It is important that devices brought from home come to school charged everyday. If at any point during the year they can no longer bring a device from home, please let your child's GG teacher know so we can organise a solution.

Students using school devices will have them assigned on the first day of school.

You will shortly receive the Island Bay School Digital Citizenship Agreement, updated for 2022. It is important you read this agreement thoroughly and discuss it with your child to help them understand our shared responsibilities in supporting them as young digital citizens.

We will unpack what the agreement looks like in our learning environments and create a digital tikanga to keep us all safe online.

My child is bringing a Chromebook from home

For those who have opted for your child to bring a Chromebook, the tools we use are available for free online. We will support your child to access these at school and will load the Chrome Management Licence. This will need to be removed before your child leaves Island Bay School. We do ask that students only add Chrome extensions on their school login with teacher permission and disable the 'guest' login feature.

My child is bringing an iPad from home

For those of you who have opted for your child to bring an iPad as their learning device, we have compiled a list of apps that will need to be loaded before the device is brought to school. Most of the apps are free to download and no in-app purchases are needed. If your child brought a device last year, there is one key change - Deledao Edu has replaced Chrome on the dock.

Backgrounds should be appropriate for school- a picture taken or created by themselves, or a default background.

Please follow the layout of the screen shots provided so that we are able to distinguish between learning apps and home use apps.

We ask that you create a folder called "home use only" on the 3rd page of the iPad as you will see below. Alternatively, all additional apps for home can be on the 4th screen and beyond.

Please support us by making sure your child's iPad screens remain identical to the pictures provided for the entirety of the year.

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