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Farewelling Gretchen

I know, Gretchen you hate a fuss, and the pessimist in you desperately seeks to hide from the limelight. It is true you have developed a passion for art in hundreds, if not thousands, of children’s lives in your 23 years at Island Bay.

“By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others”

And you have grown into the most amazing art teacher.

Your hands are rough as sandpaper,

And on a good day, rainbow coloured.

You will find a spot of unidentifiable art substance on all your “good” work clothes.

You cringe at night about 30 projects not getting done.

You love a good new project.

You happily spend your days off, creating Pinterest boards of ideas.

Everything goes in those mood folders.

You marvel in the process of art, and at the techniques that will drive your lessons with the kids.

I reckon you talk to yourself, in your sleep,

About the masterpieces, you will create,

And sometimes your dreams become the masterpieces you imagine,

Because you yourself are the most amazing artist.

Gretchen, you are the true art teacher.

Your job, to make kids feel safe enough to express themselves

while at the same time making them push themselves to jump out of their skin,

test themselves to be …creative.

As Leonardo Da Vinci said “The Artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of"

As you leave us on the way to different and more challenging things for you, I want to thank you for tapping into your inner talent and using it to teach our students! Many students of whom don’t have raw talent, they keep on trying, work really hard, and are amazed at what they can do.

Gretchen: You are amazing. You are important. You are special. You are unique. You are kind.

You are precious.

And very much loved for your work here at Island Bay.

We celebrate your departure from Island Bay School on Tuesday 25th September at 9am.

We invite all students, staff and parents, to come dressed as their favourite artist or inspired by their favourite artist or dressed in a primary or secondary colour.

Ngā mihi,

Deborah Fenton