Freedom Friday Animal Wildlife Club

We have a number of activities lined up for children in the Freedom Friday Animal Wildlife Club including:

  • Having animal carer visits from SPCA, Pet Centre, the Vet and other organisations

  • Pet visit/talks

  • Zoo trip

The Zoo trip will be on FRIDAY 20 November

The cost will be $13 for the bus and zoo entry. Please pay and give permission plan via KINDO under Zoo Trip: Freedom Friday. Payment will need to be made by 19 November.

On the Day of the Zoo trip

We will leave school at 9.30 and return to school by bus at 2.15pm.

Parent help will be very very welcome. Please note, the Zoo charges $8.00 for parents, payable on the day. If you’d like to help, please do email us.

The children will need comfortable walking shoes, a packed lunch, drink bottle and a windproof jacket. If raining, the trip will be either postponed or cancelled. However, we are confident the weather will be just great.


The purpose of this trip is to have a lesson around Animal Care, taken by the Zoo Educators. Topics such as animal care, endangered species and conservation of species will be explored. Following the lesson, the children will explore the Zoo in small groups with an adult helper, focusing on animals of interest and specific ways these animals are cared for and enriched within the Zoo.

Pet Visits and/or Photo presentations/talks

All kinds of pets welcome.

The students will have an opportunity to present their pet if they choose too. Either as a school visit on Fridays 6 or 13 November.

Or, if you cannot bring in a pet, photos and videos taken at home can be shown as part of a presentation.

This is totally voluntary. If your child is keen to do this, they can introduce their pet (real-time or virtually), talk about their pet care requirements, their pet’s behaviour and cute anecdotes. This will give the other children opportunities for observation, some hands-on experience and questions.

*****The one consideration with a pet visit is that an adult family member(16+) will need to bring in the Pet and after a 15 to 20-minute presentation, be able to take the pet home.

If you are keen to have a pet visit, please email us to schedule and confirm a time, between 9.45 till 10.30, on either Friday 6th or 13th November. Virtual presentations can happen on any Friday, up to the 4th of December.

Thank you so much.

Any other queries please contact us.

Kind regards



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