Freedom Friday Fabulousness!

This week was the last day of our current round of Freedom Friday options, and we'd like to say a particular thank you to the wonderful whānau who ran sessions for us. Thanks to Liz who ran creative dance; Trent who taught the kids how to bake bread, donuts, and corn bread; Natalie who ran natural art sessions making inspired nature creations; and Anna, Alex, and Sonya who ran amazing sustainability sessions, making bees wax wraps, masks, bath salts at munch! We really appreciate your efforts, thanks!

Bread making

Yesterday was the last day of Freedom Friday and the bread baking team celebrated by baking donuts. Yes, they count as bread (if you squint a bit), as they contain the 4 crucial ingredients: yeast, water, salt and flour. The dozen kids also baked loaves, bagels, and pizza earlier in the season, as well as cornbread (which has more in common with cake than bread, but 🤷‍♂️). Lesson one was also fun as we made flour by milling wheat and experimented with the amazing ability of yeast to eat sugar and burp CO2 - Trent

Nature Art

Our Island Bay School children are so creative and talented! We started with collecting dry plants from surroundings. They used water colours to build a background for their design. The materials such as leaves, branches, seed pods, shells, sea glasses etc. were hot glued onto their backgrounds. The completed artwork was mounted onto a piece of cardboard. It was a long process divided into stages. Children worked hard and consistently through every stage. I'm sure they have learned how this type of artwork is created and they have poured tremendous ideas into their designs. The artworks will be put up on the hallway outside the office. Parents please look out and try to find your child's - Natalie


The kids went to the Munch Showroom on Adelaide Road and create sustainable masterpieces from bees wax wraps, to masks and bath salts - Anna

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