"Have your say" - planning the school's direction for the next 3 years

Updated: Aug 10

We have an exciting opportunity coming up over the next few weeks. Our school is beginning to review our direction for the next three years.

Getting our unique school community input is really important to us, and will shape what Island Bay School can offer.

"What is important to you for your child's experience of school?"

"Education" is very broad - learning to read and write are the basics, but it is also so much more. We need to offer your children the opportunity to practice all the skills they need in the world that they are growing up in.

What do you want to see on offer for your child?

Opportunities like art, music, sport easily come to mind, but what else - maybe you've got an out-of-the-box idea?

Participate in either or both of these sessions to look at and discuss what the school should aim for over the next three years:

Meeting ID: 88649856515

Passcode: 7as5F0

  • 8 September - 7.30pm In-person

We'd love as many of you as possible to come along and share your views and ideas. This is your opportunity to help shape the education you want for your children.

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