Helpers needed for meal roster - do you want to be a Doozer?!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Do you have childhood memories of Fraggle Rock and the Doozers who made the Fraggle's food? Would you like to be a Doozer? We are looking for anonymous helpers to make the occasional meal.

This initiative is to help families in our school community in times of need, such as illness or death in the family, a new baby, or any tough time where a little bit of help will ease the situation.

Signing up to this initiative means that from time to time, as the need arises, you will receive an email from Meal Train. Check out to get an idea of how it works. Meal train is a website service that allows you to select a day from the list provided that you can make a meal, including details like the number of people it's for and any allergies etc.

In each case, Island Bay School will organise both the Meal Train (with the consent of the recipient family and taking into account their needs/allergies etc), and an appropriate delivery person to collect the meals from the Doozers and deliver them where they are needed.

Privacy and sensitivity are of utmost importance, and the details of both the Doozers and the recipient family are kept private and not shared with anyone outside the delivery person and the staff member or person who initiated the meal train.

Doozers are not obliged to sign up everytime, and are welcome to only commit to providing a meal when it suits them. Tinfoil trays are available in the office for Doozers to collect. This saves the recipient family having to worry about returning dishes.

How and when to request a meal train

Requests can come from anyone - the recipient family themselves or someone who knows a family that is having a tough time.

Recipient families can be anyone within our school community who is having a tough time - specific details don't need to be shared to qualify.

The number of meals provided for any given situation is not set. It could be anything from a one-off meal, to a week's worth of meals, to a couple of meals a week over a couple of weeks.

To request a meal train, talk to your class/hub parent link (see contact emails here), a teacher, or one of the office staff - whoever you feel most comfortable with. They will help arrange the meal train set up.

Become a Doozer - fill in this google form to sign up.

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