Homegrown extravaganza!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

What a week of community and creativity! Huge congratulations to everyone who organised, participated in, and came along to support our first ever Island Bay School Homegrown concert! What an absolutely fabulous evening!

We are so privileged to be able to participate in and hold events like this when so much of the world can't even consider it. I'm delighted to be able to share with you these videos and photos of your fabulous kids. Both this and the Kapa haka festival gave our students the opportunity to grow their confidence in terms of performing in front of an audience, learning the routines and words to their items.

A special thank you to our wonderful teachers Rachel Jackson (who pulled the whole thing together!), Deanne, Amy B, Karli, Ashleigh, Alishah, Alex, Maria, Henare, Ross and Caitlin.

And also a big thank you to our speakers and MCs for the evening: Cas, Arlo, April and Jorja.


Miro - electric guitar

Arlo - ukulele

Lewis and Thomas - keyboard

Thomas Olav -piano/keyboard

Hayley and Martha - glockenspiel

Anna - guitar

Ethan - bongos

Connor - drums

Junior Tap

Florence E, Tessa W, Alice C, Noah N, Scarlet H, Emilia S, Ada H, Leilani D, Lily R, Maisie P, Jessica P

Island Bay's Got Talent Finalist

Willow Mercier-Bobb, Jasmine Jackson, Ruby Knap

Senior Choir

Posy, Maddie, Tellah, Zachary, Harry, Ava, Martha Georgi, Zoe, Poppy, Ethan, Isobel, Chloe, Angus, Mateo, Jessica, Delta, Isabella, Lewis, Jet, Thomas T, Abby, Connor, Anika, Estella, Lily R, Lily, Eva, Bethan, Rosa, Ava, James, Ben, Kees, Jamin, Ida, Lotus, Eleanor, Malou, Madeline, Adia, Miro, Jasmine N, Elik, Pipi, Henry, Chloe, Tallulah, Trixie, Olivia, Lani, Hannah, Maisy, Darcy, Ara, Duke, Cas, Maya, Christina, Kiah, Pearl, Milly, Lorna, Madison, April, Arlo, Edith, Allanah, Lizzy, Jack, Holly, Charlotte, Ari

Jump Jam Performance Squad

Charlotte P, Madeline B. Edith B, Adia S, Chloe Mac G, Rose G, Sofia S, Seti F, Jackson M, Gus W, Babette F, Isobel S, Lorna C, Shreeya, Brooke, Kayla

Kapa haka kids

Wearable Arts

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