How to navigate Hero by Linc-ed

Your child's learning progress and our reporting is made up of information from our student management system (previously Linc-ed, now Hero by Linc-ed) which includes a social comment, curriculum progressions and goals for learning, and specific learning snapshots of your child's work taken from Seesaw.

We will provide further information about how to understand and interpret your child's learning progress displayed in Hero over the coming weeks. You will also be able to view Community notices. This part is a work in progress, please bear with us.

Getting started in Hero

Receiving notifications

Notifications are a little complicated and we hope to iron this out over time. Please bear with us.

Hero enables information access via a website or via the Hero app (from the app store or google play on your phone or tablet).

If you download and use the app, Hero only sends you notifications inside the app (NOT on your phone lock screen).

If you prefer to receive an email notification, don't download the app at this stage. Note: School newsletters will still go out via our regular School App, and be posted on our school website.


Can't see content

If you can log in to Hero but not see your child's information or notifications, please contact the office.

Not receiving notifications

You will only receive one form of notification when a Community Notice is published.

If you have downloaded the app on your phone and turned on notifications (in your phone settings), you will receive notifications in the app (not on your lock screen). If you only access Hero via the website, you will receive the notification as an email. If you get neither, please contact the office.

Seeing former schools or students

This is something that can occur occasionally when a student who is currently at our school has formerly attended another Hero school or has historical data. Log out and in again after 10am. If it is still not resolved, please contact the office.

See more on Reporting here on our website

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