Introducing our Parent Links for 2022

We want to make it easy for the kids and families in a hub to get together outside of school and school-run events - as a hub group, as small groups and as individual play dates. Our aim is to build and foster community and a sense of whanaungatanga - connectedness and belonging to our school community.

Each learning space has a 'parent link'. This person will help kick things off by organising and facilitating get-togethers outside of school hours including picnics and playdates. There is one 'parent link' per space (eg: one for Tūī, one for Korimako etc).

Parent Links for 2022

  • Korimako -

  • Tui - Jo

  • Rimurimu - Olivia & Marta

  • Harakeke - Mel

  • Patangatanga -

  • Kakahi - Cheree

  • Manaia - Crissie

  • Ahoaho -

  • Papatua -

The Parent Link's 3 main tasks are:

Helping with a class/hub email contact list

Signing up to the list is optional, and means you consent to having your email address shared with other parents in your class/hub. Your job is to make use of the contact list. For example, if you're going to the movies in the weekend, why not email the group and invite any other families who are keen, to turn up to the same session. Or maybe your child has asked for a playdate with another child - use the contact list to get in touch with the child's parents to sort out a playdate.

Organising a few whole hub get togethers - eg a fish n chip evening. These are low key and casual, rather than a structured event.

Finally, just being available to help out - if you, or someone you know of in your hub could do with some support - maybe they have a new baby, or a death in the family, please feel free to email your Parent Link directly and they can help sort out a meal roster from within the hub etc. COVID has certainly highlighted the benefit of having a supportive community!

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