Island Bay School 'Homegrown' concert - Wednesday 21 October, 6.15-7.15pm in the Hall

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Audience* seating opens from 6pm

Entry: gold coin koha


  • Senior Choir

  • Band

  • Junior Tap

  • Kapa haka

  • IBS Talent Finalists

  • Jump Jam Performance Squad

  • Wearable Arts Runway Showcase

  • Finale

Home & School will be selling iceblocks at the concert.

Children involved (see lists below) need to arrive at school at 5.40pm:

  • Kapa haka assemble in Harakeke with Maria

  • Junior Tap and Jump Jam Squad in the Learning Hub with Amy

  • Wearable Arts in the Library with Alishah and Ashleigh

  • Senior Choir and Band in Ahoaho with Rachel and Deanne - Choir children, please wear an Island Bay T-shirt or school T-shirt.

Please email the relevant teacher if your child is UNABLE to participate. This will help us cater for audience numbers. Many thanks!

*due to space, we ask that only immediate caregivers and siblings attend so we can fit everyone in! Also note that this is a cushion concert but some seating will be available if required.

Senior Choir

Posy, Maddie, Tellah, Zachary, Harry, Ava, Martha Georgi, Zoe, Poppy, Ethan, Isobel, Chloe, Angus, Mateo, Jessica, Delta, Isabella, Lewis, Jet, Thomas T, Abby, Connor, Anika, Estella, Lily R, Lily, Eva, Bethan, Rosa, Ava, James, Ben, Kees, Jamin, Ida, Lotus, Eleanor, Malou, Madeline, Adia, Miro, Jasmine N, Elik, Pipi, Henry, Chloe, Tallulah, Trixie, Olivia, Lani, Hannah, Maisy, Darcy, Ara, Duke, Cas, Maya, Christina, Kiah, Pearl, Milly, Lorna, Madison, April, Arlo, Edith, Allanah, Lizzy, Jack, Holly, Charlotte, Ari

Speakers: Cas, Arlo, April Jorja


Miro - electric guitar

Arlo - ukulele

Lewis and Thomas - keyboard

Thomas Olav -piano/keyboard

Hayley and Martha - glockenspiel

Anna - guitar

Ethan - bongos

Connor - drums

Junior Tap

Florence E, Tessa W, Alice C, Noah N, Scarlet H, Emilia S, Ada H, Leilani D, Lily R, Maisie P, Jessica P

Jump Jam Performance Squad

Charlotte P, Madeline B. Edith B, Adia S, Chloe Mac G, Rose G, Sofia S, Seti F, Jackson M, Gus W, Babette F, Isobel S, Lorna C, Shreeya, Brooke, Kayla

Island Bay's Got Talent Finalist

Willow Mercier-Bobb, Jasmine Jackson, Ruby Knap

Kapa haka kids

Wearable Arts kids

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