Junior Floorball Leagues

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We have a Y1/2 team and then one team each for Y3-6. There are five children per team and we need a manager for each team. There is a reduced price due to COVID making it a shorter term in Term 1. $25 per child (prices will go back up in term 1 2021) Please let Alice know ASAP if you are interested in your child playing

Primary League:  Tuesdays 3:30pm - 7pm, ASB Sports Centre. Younger children have the earlier games and older children have the later games. Y1/2 teams who have to travel from further away will get the 4pm games. Dates: Tuesday 20th October - Tuesday 24th November. Grades are Y1-2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6. Children can only play in one team per grade. They can play up a grade but cannot play down a grade. Eg: A school unable to get teams together for each age group can combine year groups and go up into the older grade. Floorball sticks and goalie helmets/kneepads are provided.

Rules: Games are played with 3 stick players and a goalie. Y1-2 grade is played with smaller goals and 4 stick players (no goalies). Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to be able to start the game, otherwise they will need to default.  Games are 2 x 10 mins with a 2 minute break in-between halves. 




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