Keeping our community safe

Keeping our community safe is our collective responsibility, and there are lots of effective strategies that we can use to keep our tamariki safe.

  • Discuss whānau safety procedures with your tamariki and appropriate strategies and actions for dealing with a situation if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

  • Review your arrangements for getting to and from school. If tamariki are walking/scooting/biking independently then take common-sense steps to ensure they are safe. These include getting to and from school with a friend or group of friends, knowing trusted people or places along the route to/from school where help can be sought and walking to/from at the busiest times and the busiest routes.

In the past we have received the following advice for whānau from the police:

  • We encourage whānau to have discussions with their tamariki about keeping safe.

  • Have sensible whanau safety guidelines.

  • Have discussions around behaviours and actions that are inappropriate or that make them feel uncomfortable, rather than concentrating on the types of people that could harm them.

  • Encourage tamariki to take action when they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

  • Make it easy for your tamariki to talk to you and tell you about anything that is bothering them.

It is important to respond to such incidents in a measured way.

Our best response as a community is the sharing of information and a heightened awareness of the need to work together to look after our tamariki.

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