Are you on your hub contact list?

Before lockdown, we sent out an optional contact details form to record details for hub contact lists.

Linking our families

The idea behind this list is to make it easier for the kids and families in each hub to get together outside of school and school-run events - as a hub group, as small groups and as individual play dates. The aim is to build and foster community and a sense of connectedness and belonging.

Fill in this form if you want to be part of your hub list.

How does it work?

Parent Link

The contact list is managed by a Parent Link volunteer. The parent link also organises a few whole hub low-key, casual, social get togethers - e.g. fish n chips at the park. They are also able to help organise support for hub families in times of need - e.g. a death in the family or new baby.

Your job

Your job is to make use of the contact list.

For example, if you're going to the movies in the holidays, why not email your hub group and invite any other families who are keen, to turn up to the same session. Or maybe your child is doing a particular holiday programme - you could email your hub group and let other parents know, so they could send their child too. Or maybe your child has asked for a playdate with little Johnny - feel free to use the contact list to get in touch with little Johnny's parents to sort out a playdate.

If you have any questions, suggestions or know of a family in your hub that needs support, please get in touch with your hub Parent Link.

Parent Links for 2020

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