Deb's Message - 24 July 2020

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

As we begin Term 3 I want to showcase two school initiatives that focus on the wellbeing of our students. Please take the time to consider being part of these events.

Enjoy your weekend.

Ngā mihi

Deborah Fenton

Island Bay School Principal


Nathan Wallis is a Neuroscientist who is working with Island Bay School teachers and community on:

  • Neurosequential development of the brain and its plasticity through life,

  • Cognitive functions that are supported by social-emotional wellbeing,

  • Role of mindfulness and why this is important to learning.

Nathan is holding a session open to the community on Monday 31 Aug, 7.30pm in our hall.

You can purchase tickets here.

I highly recommend this session with him as it explains the development of children from early to primary years. See more and read his bio here

IHEART INFO EVENT FOR PARENTS - variety of dates & times from 28 July

iHeart is a programme for all the students at Victory Park and focuses on teaching resilience. I would like to thank our Home and School team for financially supporting this amazing opportunity.

The iHeart team are holding a free intro into iHeart session on zoom, on 28 Jul 7-8pm, 12 Aug 8-9pm, 25 Aug 6-7pm and 8 Sep 5-6pm.

This is a great chance for parents to get to know what their kids are learning.

You can access the event dates on Facebook or here.

Here is some feedback from our Tamariki so far...

'That our fears are only created by our thoughts'

'I realised that your mental wellbeing is a part of you, not just put in'

'I learned that things just seem worse in your head than they are, so thank you'

'Yes, I did not know that everybody has resilient built inside of them'

'I learnt that it’s not others that affect you, it your thoughts and what you believe.'

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