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OVERDUE - Have you forgotten to pay?

OVERDUE ACTIVITIES + TRIPS IMPORTANT: All of these activities are now overdue. Please check which ones apply to your child and make payment via Kindo or at the school office, at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


All students Yr 1-6

Cost: $5

Futsal Tournament

Yr 3-6 girls who participated

Cost: $8.50


Term 2 — Years 1-4

Cost: $75

Term 2 – Years 5-6

Cost: $80

Year 4-6 Swimming Sports

All Year 4, 5, 6 Students

Cost: $7.50

Freedom Friday – Cooking Term 3

This is only for students involved in “Little Cookers” for Freedom Friday

Cost: $5

Mahuri + Rimu Football · Term 3

Guardian Groups: Nathan, Racheal, Gina W, Rachel J, Emma, Caitlin, Lizzie, Ross

Cost: $20

Victory Park Swimming · Term 3

Guardian Groups: Jarryd, Amy B, Mel, Michael, Abbie

Cost: $60

Mahuri Carter Observatory Trip

Guardian Groups: Nathan, Racheal J, Emma/Di, Gina W, Rachel J

Cost: $12

Infinity Trip: Science Roadshow

Guardian Groups: Amy B and Jarryd

Cost: $8