Pōhutukawa Term 4 Spark Projects

In Term 4, students in Pōhutukawa (Tūī, Korimako and Rimurimu) will be starting their Spark Projects based around either a) building a skill or b) making a positive change.

Spark Projects give students the opportunity to explore an area of interest using our Island Bay School Personal Inquiry Framework. Teachers will work closely with students by coaching them throughout the process, and supporting them to develop skills and understandings connected to their chosen project. A key driver behind these projects is to give students an authentic opportunity to develop their dispositional thinking. Whilst all students will be working towards an ‘end product’, we know that most important learning will be connected to their growth and development of key dispositions (WE CARE values). All projects will have the learning process documented.

As we will be focusing on the process that sits behind the learning, more so than an end project. It is an opportunity for students to develop skills in;

  • gathering information from a range of sources

  • setting and reflecting on goals

  • managing themselves and their time

  • responding to challenges

  • developing critical thinking skills

  • collaborating with others - in the community and with their peers

  • showing resilience by seeing a project through to completion

Over the holidays, it would be great if you could brainstorm some ideas as a whānau. The more initial ideas, the better! Students will be supported by their teachers to choose which idea to take further. Spark Projects will be worked on in class time, so choosing a project that we can facilitate at school is important. For example, skills like cooking and ideas like fundraising money can pose challenges in a school setting.

Depending on their area of interest, students will follow one of two lines of inquiry:

A) Building a skill (a focus on showing personal progress in a certain skill)

B) Making a positive change (a focus on impacting others)

We will be in touch again soon when students have chosen their topics! As with other Spark Projects, we are keen to connect students with experts in our school community.

Please feel free to contact your child’s GG teacher if you have any questions.

Examples of Spark Projects

Building a Skill

  • How might I use a pattern so that I can sew my own clothing?

  • How might I create a diorama to use as setting for my stop motion?

  • How might I interview my family members to learn more about my ancestors?

  • How might I build my te reo language skills to have a conversation with my koro?

  • How might I learn to knit so I can make a scarf?

  • How might I use watercolors to make a picture book?

Making a Positive Change

  • How might I show that Island Bay School is LGBTQIA+ inclusive?

  • How might I make sure te reo is used more widely in Island Bay?

  • How might I support younger students to manage friendship conflict in the playground?

  • How might I encourage my classmates to read more?

  • How might I improve IBS students’ composting habits?

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