Pedal Ready (Y5 & Y6) and Scooter Ready (Y3 & Y4) programmes start from Tues 27 July

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Make sure your bikes and helmets are ready! From Tuesday 27 July, Pedal Ready and Scooter Ready programmes will be running at school.

See slots here

The Pedal Ready training programme aims to deliver best practice cycle skills training to help achieve the vision of a New Zealand where everyone has the opportunity to become a confident and capable cyclist.

The training promotes health and wellbeing, while also teaching trainees to cycle safely on the road, boosting their confidence enough for them to ride to and from school, or to sports games and friends’ houses.


Two grades of training can be undertaken and trainees are assessed following the completion of each grade.

Year 5's will be undertaking Grade 1 and Year 6's will be undertaking Grade 2 (unless they missed Grade 1 training at Island Bay School last year - please let us know below if this is the case). Students who are unable to confidently ride a bike will be a part of the Learn to Ride programme.

Scooter Ready will be run for Y3 & Y4 students, no form required. See Scooter Ready slots below.

Grade 1 is taught in a non-traffic environment to enable skills development. The trainee cyclist will learn to demonstrate full control of their bicycle in non-traffic environments while carrying out all-round observation, signaling and maneuvering.

Grade 2 builds on the skills of Grade 1 and is taught on quiet, single-lane roads. All trainees’ skills will be assessed prior to training on the road and full risk management procedures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of all trainees. The trainee cyclist will learn to demonstrate cycle skills in a variety of traffic and non-traffic environments. They will be able to choose options to deal with minor hazards and demonstrate this in practice. They will show good understanding of traffic awareness and road positioning in these traffic environments.


  • A bicycle in good working order (It is a good idea to undertake a simple bike check prior to the training to identify any major faults.)

  • A standards-approved helmet.

  • Suitable clothing for the weather conditions, as the session is run outdoors.

  • To be able to ride a bike (please let us know below if your child is a complete beginner).


  • Check helmet for damage, safety sticker, correct size (legally required)

  • Red rear-facing reflector (legally required)

  • Front and rear brakes respond quickly with firm contact (legally required)

  • Frame correct size for trainee and has no rust or cracks

  • Seat is secure and the correct height

  • Handlebars and headset are tight and secure and grips cover ends of handlebars.

  • Wheel fasteners tight, wheels spin freely

  • Tyres are correct pressure, no cracks or slits

  • Pedals spin freely, not loose

  • Chain is lightly oiled and in good condition

During and after the programme, it is a good idea to encourage your child to practice and develop the skills taught.

There are bikes and scooters available to use if you don't have one, but try to borrow one if you can.

See more about the Scooter Ready programme below. See your Y3 or 4 child's Scooter Ready slot here

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