Plastic free lunches in Term 4

Our children regularly do an audit of what is lying out in the school playgrounds after carrying out rubbish clean ups. We have recently found an increase in one-off packaging (plastic and metal wrappers) creeping back in to school with much of it ending up in our school vegetable gardens and outlying areas.

During the discussions of our findings, children involved in the audits have expressed that they would like to try a term of no packing wrappers coming to school in lunch boxes.

Most children are aware through their studies that plastic breaks down into micro plastics which are affecting our oceans and waterways and that recent research is finding that plastic breaks down into micro plastics which are eventually being absorbed as plastic soup solutions into the root systems of plants and then our food supply.

We are also aware that the consumption of plastic in general affects our health and we would like to keep our school-based vegetables for the Garden to Table programme as natural and wholesome as possible.

Consequently the children who completed the audit decided that they want to do a trial for a term where no one-off plastics are put into our lunchboxes.

This is to take place in Term 4 of this year. During this term they will carry out a series of audits to establish the differences this makes to our environment, and will then make decisions as to whether they think we should continue with "one-off wrappers free lunches" from then on.

Thank you in advance for your support with this!

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