Playground Development

As you know we have two new playgrounds confirmed and designed, which will be installed over the summer holidays. Also under development is a playground entrance design. Currently we are in the process of gathering lots of ideas, and arranging and locating them in the best possible way to maximise the site, the budget, and above all, the playability and play value of the space.

Our school playground environment is a unique one and as such there are some special considerations to be made before embarking on this design project. It is important to consider how many children will use the playground, the specific age ranges and abilities of the children, and the range of play types and learning opportunities that will be offered.

As part of this process we have included the expertise of the students in Kākahi with a specific purpose of looking at the thematics of design in the school entrance way. The intention is to move the car park to the top playground area and to create a more inviting entrance that students can also use as a playground.

Early draft plan

Kākahi have considered the other playgrounds under construction and have come up with some great design ideas. They presented these ideas to an architect and our property manager last week. Important in their design is a clear entrance way, stage, slide, access to the top playground. The draft drawing above will now be reworked taking into account some of the ideas developed by Kākahi. Well done!

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