Saving a Digital Record of Your Child’s Learning

At the end of your child's time at Island Bay School, it is possible for you to download their digital record of learning before they leave. This includes an archive of their Seesaw journals from each year, and as well as files stored in their Google Account.

Students’ Google accounts will be deactivated at the end of December, so please make sure you download their files before then if you wish to do so.

Seesaw Learning Journals

Here's the link showing you how to download a .zip archive of your child's Seesaw journal, including images, videos, audio recordings, text notes and captions.

Downloading a Seesaw Learning Journal

Google Account

Sign into your child’s school email account using Gmail. If your child can’t remember their password, feel free to email your child’s GG teacher.

Go to:

Follow the instructions to either transfer all documents to another Google account or to download the files.

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