Student-Led Conferences - 3 & 4 August

Student-led conferences are part of the reporting processes.

Student-led conferences take the form of a conversation between the student, their parents and their teacher.

This approach give students an opportunity to share with their parents their growth as a learner. They accept accountability and responsibility for their progress and achievement, and demonstrate a growing understanding of their development as independent learners.

In student-led conferences, the student takes the central role during discussions. In the junior school the teacher will sit with the students however as we move from middle to seniors the teacher is involved but is not necessarily sitting with the student and parents all of the time.

There might be four or five groupings of parents and students discussing their work in a classroom, and the teacher acts as the facilitator and prompt where necessary.

Student-led conferences are designed to achieve one or more of the following goals:

  • to help students demonstrate evidence of learning

  • to teach students the process of reflection and self-evaluation

  • to facilitate the development of students' organisational and oral communication skills and to increase their self-confidence

  • to encourage students, parents, and teachers to engage in open and honest dialogue

  • to encourage students to accept personal responsibility for their learning

  • to increase parent understanding of their child’s learning through improving attendance at and satisfaction with the reporting process.

You can now book these conferences online for 3 & 4 August.

Please click on the link below and use the event code to book your appointment.

Event code: 65f8p

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