Summer Code Camp School Holiday Programme

This is a great opportunity for your child to really dive into furthering their skills or even learn something new! Like what's all the buzz about NFTs!

We cater to all skill levels, from kids who have never touched programming but want to get stuck in, to those that are already developing on their own! Projects are student driven allowing them to make something that they're truly excited and passionate about! With tutors on hand to help with any problems!

Our programme follows a four day structure, with the children breaking off into groups working in same language! Spending the four days planning, refining and creating, Culminating in presentations on the final day, allowing you to come in and see first hand what your child has made!

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Queen Margaret School

Summer Holidays 2021/2022

Dates: 13th – 16th December.

10th – 14th January.

17th – 21st January.

25th – 28th January (Tue – Fri)

Times: 9am – 3pm

We offer late pick up times until 5 pm!

An additional $20 fee will be added per child per day


4 Days – $395

5 Days – $460*

NOTE: Fridays & Late Pickups are conditional on meeting minimum booking numbers. Please be aware if the minimum number is not met, Friday & late pick ups may be cancelled. We will fully refund in this instance.

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