Te Papa Trip for Pohutukawa team to Shakermod

Our Pōhutukawa team (Tūī, Korimako and Rimurimu) are heading on a trip to Te Papa called Shakermod Earthquake encounters.

This is a new, fun and imaginative approach to earthquake education! Developed in partnership with the Earthquake Commission (EQC) the programme uses a unique Minecraft Mod to simulate earthquakes and allows participants to take an experiential, collaborative and playful approach to learning.

This learning programme involves educator-led exploration in and around Te Papa and a digital experience in Hīnātore Learning Lab using Minecraft. Explore earthquake dynamics and the ways we can take action and be safe in the event of a quake, Fix. Fasten. Don’t Forget!

Huge thanks to Home & School for sponsoring this trip.

13 September 9:30 - Year 3/4 (Rimurimu - Mel GG) 12:30 - Year 3/4 Rimurimu - Alex GG) 15 September 9:30 - Year 3/4 (Rimurimu - Ashleigh GG) 12:30 - Year 4/5/6 (Korimako - Abbie GG including Year 4's in Year 4 Survey) 27 September 9:30 - Year 4/5/6 (Korimako - Sally GG) 12:30 - Year 4/5/6 (Korimako - Tim GG) 29 September 9:30 - Year 5/6 (Tūī - Lizzie GG) 12:30 - Year 5/6 (Tūī - Karli GG)

For the 9:30 sessions:

Buses will be leaving at 9am from school, and leaving at 11:30am from Te Papa

For the 12:30 sessions: Buses will be leaving at 12pm from school and 2:30pm from Te Papa

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