Term 1 Spark Projects - Pōhutukawa students

From this week, students in (Tūī, Korimako, Rimurimu and Harakeke) will be starting Spark Projects!

Spark Projects give students the opportunity to explore an area of interest using our Island Bay School Personal Inquiry Framework. Teachers will work closely with students by coaching them throughout the process and supporting them to develop skills and understandings connected to their chosen project. A key driver behind these projects is to give students an authentic opportunity to develop their dispositional thinking. Whilst all students will be working towards an ‘end product’, we know that the most important learning will be connected to their growth and development of key dispositions (WE CARE values). All projects will have the learning process documented.

As we will be focusing on the process that sits behind the learning, more so than an end project. It is an opportunity for students to develop skills in;

  • gathering information from a range of sources

  • setting and reflecting on goals

  • managing themselves and their time

  • responding to challenges

  • developing critical thinking skills

  • collaborating with others - in the community and with their peers

  • showing resilience by seeing a project through to completion

This week, it would be great if you could brainstorm some ideas as a whānau. The more initial ideas, the better! Students will be supported by their teachers to choose which idea to take further. Spark Projects will be worked on in class time, so choosing a project that we can facilitate at school is important. For example, skills like cooking and ideas like fundraising money can pose challenges in a school setting.

Please feel free to contact your child’s GG teacher if you have any questions.

Examples of Spark Projects

Building a Skill

  • How might I create a diorama to use as a setting for my stop motion?

  • How might I learn to knit so I can make a scarf?

  • How might I use watercolours to make a picture book?

Making Something New

  • How might I make a display in the library to help kids to decide what books they could choose?

  • How might I design a book of my photography to document the effect of Covid in our local community?

  • How might I design an educational toy that will help my brother learn to read?

Exploring Curiosities

  • How might I learn more about my family history so that I can create a book to share with my relatives?

  • How might I learn about Australia so I can plan a trip for my family in the future?

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