Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Island Bay Bears

The Island Bay Polo Bears water polo team had a fun term, with 5 of the team new to the sport in Term 4! Misha and Chloe were the only experienced players. All in the team brought amazing energy and team spirit every Friday. They won just 2 out of their 8 games but several games had a very close result! We saw loads of improvement from all in just a few weeks learning this new sport.

Special shout out to Misha, year 6, showing great natural leadership and energy, with super ideas for strategic play shared with the team. Hopefully you continue in water polo at intermediate level!

3 of the IB Bears players will join up with the H20 Polo team in Term 1, for a year 5-6 team.

Island Bay H2O make the final!

Island Bay H2O finished the year with an epic final against a very strong Seatoun team. Seatoun was leading after the first half with 3:0. In the break we discussed strategies to improve our defence. Then the second half started - and never underestimate this team! Through great team work and awesome passing Island Bay started catching up - and the score changed - from 3:1 to 3:2, then 3:3! The official game time was over now, and the game went into extra time! The next goal would decide the game...

Our defence was solid, and again through great passing and beautiful team work the ball went closer and closer to Seatoun's goal. There, lurking in the shadows, was Louis, our secret weapon and 2m specialist. After some decent fighting for the ball he gained possession - AND SCORED!!! Golden goal for Island Bay!!!!!!

What a wonderful finish for this team, ka pai Island Bay H2O!!!

Huge thanks to Inge for coaching and for the great photos!

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