What a Disco!!

What a fabulous series of discos! The costumes, the sparkle, the enthusiastic dance moves and the overall excitement were a joy to see!

A special thank you to:

  • All the wonderful Parents/Caregivers, Teachers, Student Councillors and Avie who contributed their time putting the event together, making decorations, setting up, helping run it, and cleaning up at the end of each disco.

  • Homes and School parents who signed students in and out and acted as bouncers.

  • Parents/Caregivers for your patience and understanding with our disco processes.

  • All the great Teachers and school personnel for your support, attendance, games and great costumes & awesome dance moves!

  • The talented Caitlin and Karli who supported the Student Councillors through this process, and helped them pull the playlist together and run the games on the night!

  • The wonderful Edie, Ben and Duncan for supplying and setting up the lights

  • And a special extra thanks to Emma and Natasha for being the main drivers and organisers extraordinaire.

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